The employees of Brokers International believe in giving back to the community. During the first quarter of every year, our employees participate in a vote to decide which three charities we’ll support as an organization. During each quarter, employees hold fundraisers and collect donations for one of the three chosen charities. The hard work and generosity of our employees enables us to benefit a wide variety of causes that we are passionate about as a team.


Twice a year the blood donation bus stops by the Brokers International, Ltd. parking lot for a day for employees who choose to donate as part of the insurance marketing organization's philanthropy efforts.

Blood Drives
Since 2008, Brokers International has helped support the Life Serve Blood Center. Employees, as well as, members of the community have the opportunity to donate blood during semi-annual blood drives held on our campus. So far, 266 units have been collected and have helped almost 730 patients in need! We’re proud of our employees’ dedication to our community.


Iowa Open
Since 2010, Brokers International has sponsored the Iowa Open at Lake Panorama National Golf Course. The event brings more than one hundred professional golfers and a few dozen amateurs to the Panorama area each year, helping support the local economy. In addition to providing financial support, many Brokers International employees also volunteer their free time to help during the tournament.