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Category: Sales · 4 min read

Why Face-to-Face Meetings Matter

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on December 27, 2018

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on December 27, 2018

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Thanks to the internet and cell phones, it’s easy to communicate with clients without having to meet with them face-to-face. A quick email, a text, or a phone call can get the job done instantly. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. In fact, I firmly believe that meeting with your clients face-to-face is more powerful than a phone call or an email. Here’s why: 


It Helps Strengthens Your Connection and Relationship 

Want to build credibility and loyalty with your clients? Face-to-face meetings can help do just that, more so than phone calls or emails. With phone calls or emails, you can’t see your client’s facial expressions or body language. There’s also the possibility of the conversation being cut off by a dropped call or never receiving a reply back to an email. This can lead to miscommunication or poor initial client interactions.  

With face-to-face meetings, you can avoid all that. You can put a face to the client name, make a good first impression, and make sure that the conversation goes smoothly, so you can accurately help them and show them the options and solutions you can provide. This also helps you get to know the client personally, and develop a relationship with them.  


It Helps Keep you Compliant 

If you need a reason to meet with your clients face-to-face, then consider this: Establishing a client relationship without meeting them in person is a violation of many carriers’ producer conduct requirements. So, make sure that you’re focused on meeting them in real life to discuss their finances and how you can help them before you have a conversation with them digitally or on the phone to help stay compliant. 


It is More than Just an Online Transaction 

Think about paying your bills every month. It’s not very fun, right? You write a check, or pay online, but you never interact with an actual person. You don’t have that personal connection. With face-to-face meetings, you show your clients that you are there for them, and you are willing to make time for them. In other words, it helps your clients know that someone is actually helping them, instead of a machine or a bot.  


It Could Lead to Future Benefits  

The personal connection you established in the beginning and strengthened as time goes on can lead to future benefits, like referrals and client retention. Your satisfied clients will likely stay loyal, and may even want to make sure their friends and family know how satisfied they are with your service. And it all happens because you took the time to meet face-to-face, and develop a relationship with them.  


It’s Counter-Intuitive  

In our text message and email society, this may sound a little counter-intuitive, but the benefits of face-to-face meetings are real, and they can help you establish long-term client relationships that yield referrals and more clients.  

For more ways to build your client base, check out our Sales Builder tools, or contact us today.  


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Kelly McCarty

Executive Vice President

Kelly McCarty is the Executive Vice President of Brokers International. Kelly has a passion for educating, retaining, recruiting, and helping IMOs/FMOs build their agencies, and is committed to building and retaining strong relationships with producers, agencies, and carriers. Kelly also serves as a Member of the Brokers International Board of Directors and was designated as the organization's Ambassador in 2016.

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