Brokers Financial

Brokers Financial is a full-service broker dealer and SEC Registered Investment Adviser. We can offer you a wide range of products, exceptional services, and state-of-art technology to help you maximize productivity, expand your business, and offer a variety of strategies to your clients. We’re fixed annuity friendly, and we do not take an override on fixed insurance business.

Begin with a strong foundation of quality investment products
At Brokers Financial you can have access to thousands of investment products. You can offer an independent selection of solutions to your clients including: mutual funds, variable life insurance, variable annuities, managed/advisory accounts, an advance and protect investment strategy that acts similar to an index annuity (an insurance product), stock, bonds, Unit Investment Trusts, and Certificates of Deposit.

Continue with a wide range of support
Brokers Financial gives you access to service solutions designed to make it easier for you to do business, work more efficiently, and maximize your income.

Forge ahead with our impressive Advisory Platform
If you’re a Investment Adviser Representative, you can take advantage of Brokers Financial Advisory Platform, hosted by Bridge Portfolio. The Advisory Platform, created specifically for Brokers Financial, provides exceptional back-office support.

While you concentrate on your clients, the Advisory Platform handles the opening of accounts, reporting, trading and rebalancing, and fee billing. The Advisory Platform makes it simple for you to do business in one central location.

Finish with a smooth transition to Brokers Financial
Transferring to a broker dealer can be a difficult process. We can alleviate the frustration by helping you make an efficient transition. On your behalf, we can:

  • Coordinate your FINRA registrations and variable appointments.
  • Organize your account transfers.
  • Provide you with the guidance you need to make your transition as painless as possible.

Visit our website or call toll-free 877.886.1939 to learn how we can help you expand your business.