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The Compass: Your guide to marketing direction

Finding your way through the maze of marketing programs may leave you feeling lost. Are the pieces compliant? Is the message relevant to your clients or prospects? Are they branded, professional and easy to order? The Compass offers a virtual storefront where you’ll find a full-range of personalized consumer materials designed to help you stay in touch with clients, connect with prospects and promote your business. Read more »

The Compass: Client retention program

If you don’t contact your clients—someone else will. Regular communication is the key to foster client relationships. Find out how to get in front of your clients each month. Read more »

April WOMAN Webinar: Creative client events

You can get in front of more clients and build your business by hosting client events. While you know events are a valuable way to engage clients, sometimes it is hard to come up with fresh, creative event ideas. During this WOMAN webinar, Aimee Johnson, Women’s Program Manager at Allianz Life Financial Services, will share new event ideas for you to implement into your business. You will also get an inside look at a seminar package available through Brokers International’s virtual storefront, The Compass. For financial professional use only - not for use with the general public. Read more »

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