Annuity New Business Process

As an independent insurance and financial professional contracted with Brokers International, you have unlimited access to our annuity new business team. Our goal is to assist you throughout the entire new business process. Here are a few resources you can use to help simplify the sales process.

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Before You Write Business

Annuity product search and compare
With the increasing number of annuity options available to your clients, it can take a considerable amount of time to weigh them all. With our search and compare web tool, you can quickly and easily enter your clients’ annuity criteria to find retirement strategy options.

To begin your search, click here. After you’ve completed your search, you can request a quote for one or all the products that fit your clients’ situation with the push of a button.

Carrier-approved marketing materials

Looking for materials to help assist in your annuity sale? Download carrier-approved marketing 
materials from one central location. Click here to find:

  • Carrier Alerts,
  • Applications,
  • Consumer Marketing Materials, and
  • Educational Modules.

Annuity new business forms
Click here to access the most current annuity new business forms for your next case.

Using the search box, you can generate a single kit with the required forms you need. Plus, you’ll have the option to email, print, or download the forms to your computer.

Suitability pre-screen
For increased efficiency, you can contact sales support prior to writing your annuity application. We can help you complete a suitability pre-screen for select carriers. With a suitability pre-screen, we send 
case-specific information to the carrier—prior to submission—to ensure they’ll accept the application.

Simply call sales support at 800.362.1097 to discuss your annuity case details and begin the suitability pre-screen.



After You Write Business

Pre-paid UPS labels

When you’re ready to submit new business, request a prepaid UPS overnight label. To request your label, simply click here to complete a short form or call Sales Support at 800.362.1097. You’ll receive an electronic label via email within 4 business hours of your request. Use the label to overnight annuity application(s) to our new business team for review. 

Review and suitability process
Once we receive the application(s), we'll review for accuracy and completeness. We'll also verify that the application meets suitability requirements for select carriers. 

Issue process
After we’ve reviewed your annuity application, we’ll send it to the appropriate point person at the insurance carrier. Then, we’ll follow it through the process until it’s issued.

This three step process can help you get business issued FASTER, which means your clients will receive their policy FASTER and you’ll get your commission FASTER.

5 Tips to Avoid Delays

  1. Verify that you have the current product application. Check the carrier's website or click here.
  2. Before you present an annuity product, make sure you are properly licensed in the issue state, and have completed all CE requirements. Also make sure you have completed the necessary product training, as defined by the insurance carrier.
  3. Don’t hold annuity applications. 
  4. Make sure every question on the application has been answered.
  5. Fax or mail your completed annuity application to the Brokers International new business team for review. Click here to request your pre-paid UPS overnight label to submit the original application.


Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact our new business team:
1200 E. Main St., P.O. Box 160, Panora, IA 50216  |  P: 800.362.1097  |  F: 641.755.4695  |