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You can’t grow your business without leads. Our Leads Builder tools and services may help you find people in your community who are interested in your products, stay in touch with prospective clients, and build the types of relationships that help sustain your business. It’s all a part of our Builder Suite of services.

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RWS Seminars

RWS Seminars give you better leads for less money and little effort. We use a specific, targeted digital marketing approach to get the right people in the room—quality leads who want your help planning their retirement. Our method has been used to fill hundreds of seminars and has delivered an average of more than $200,000 of premium from each event. And the best part? You’ll never pay more than $3,500 for a seminar or $275 per household (whichever is less), guaranteed.

Plus, we manage all of the administrative tasks, including:

  • Targeted digital marketing, including social media ads and emails
  • Seminar promotion
  • Managing registrations
  • Creating the presentation
  • Sending reminder emails and texts
  • Placing reminder calls

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CPA Alliance Program

Develop relationships and earn qualified referrals from experienced professionals. Our engaging presenter will promote and conduct a four-hour CPE credit program for CPAs in your area, centered on the products you and your agency offer and highlighting you as the go-to resource. This program helps you develop relationships with professionals in your area, driving results and referrals from a credible source, as these CPAs recommend you and your products to their own clients.

  • Average of 31 attendees per meeting
  • 50 percent of attendees, on average, want to meet with the financial professional after the program
  • 8 to 12 attendees, on average, are interested in purchasing a product for themselves

Program elements provided for you include:

  • Professionally printed invitations
  • Registration services
  • Event logistics
  • CPE credits and documentation
  • An engaging speaker who will conduct the course and highlight you as the go-to resource for the featured products
  • Nine-point follow-up program, including direct mail and email

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Presentation Materials

Financial professionals can effectively engage a room full of qualified prospects with our ready-made presentation materials. We provide presentation templates, talking points, marketing materials, and handouts for an impactful presentation that connects with prospects and can help you drive leads.

Presentation topics include:

  • Retirement Questions Answered: Answering the top ten common retirement questions.
  • Retirement Purse Strings: Addressing the unique financial challenges faced by women.
  • Tax-Free Income in Retirement: Strategies to potentially increase tax-free income in retirement.

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