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You can’t grow your business without leads. Our Leads Builder tools and services may help you find people in your community who are interested in your products, stay in touch with prospective clients, and build the types of relationships that help sustain your business. It’s all a part of our Builder Suite of services.

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RWS Virtual Seminars

We’re now offering virtual seminars to help you connect with potential customers and grow your business.

Our virtual seminars are designed to save you time and money. Connect seamlessly on our digital platform and give a 30-minute seminar to a highly-targeted audience that wants to hear from you. Providing a personal experience is key, and we do that by letting attendees see you and your PowerPoint slides at the same time, and also schedule an appointment with you right in the platform. Plus, we go the extra mile by providing you with leads management, promotion, reminder emails, and a follow-up campaign, to make your seminar a true success.

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CPA Partners

CPA Partners can help you build relationships that can lead to an inroad of reliable referrals. To get the relationship started, we will organize a proven, educational workshop for CPAs in your area, provide a featured speaker, and then introduce you and your services—all you have to do is show up and start networking. Plus, we send follow-up emails to attendees on your behalf.

  • Average of 31 attendees per meeting
  • 50 percent of attendees, on average, want to meet with the financial professional after the program
  • 8 to 12 attendees, on average, are interested in purchasing a product for themselves

Program elements provided for you include:

  • Professionally printed invitations
  • Registration services
  • Event logistics
  • CPE credits and documentation
  • An engaging speaker who will conduct the course and highlight you as the go-to resource for the featured products
  • Nine-point follow-up program, including direct mail and email

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Updated 11/10/2020 #20-0887-110921

Presentation Materials

Financial professionals can effectively engage a room full of qualified prospects with our ready-made presentation materials. We provide presentation templates, talking points, marketing materials, and handouts for an impactful presentation that connects with prospects and can help you drive leads.

Presentation topics include:

  • Retirement Questions Answered: Answering the top ten common retirement questions.
  • Retirement Purse Strings: Addressing the unique financial challenges faced by women.
  • Tax-Free Income in Retirement: Strategies to potentially increase tax-free income in retirement.

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