Market your services to clients in the Preparation Stage of retirement
If you've been reading along with our Preparation Stage blog series, you should have a good understanding of what your clients are looking for as they prepare for retirement. If you missed the earlier blogs in this series or want to review the topics covered, visit these blogs before continuing: Introducing the Retirement Stages consumer engagement suite Identifying clients in the Preparation Stage of retirement Steps yo...
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Five ways to get quality referrals
Referrals are the most cost-effective way to grow your client base. But you can't just pull referrals out of thin air—you need to build relationships with you current clients or other professionals in your community to get the referrals you need. It may take some time and effort, but developing genuine connections with people who may recommend your services to their friends or their clients can have payoffs for your...
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Help your clients assess their retirement needs
In the previous Preparation Stage blogs, you have learned how to profile clients in the early stages of retirement and the important steps clients will need to take when preparing for retirement. Now it's time to work with clients to help them assess their financial needs and estimate their retirement income. To get started, have your clients work through their current budget with this Retirement Income Worksheet. It lays...
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Steps your clients can take when preparing for retirement
In the previous blog, you learned how to identify clients and prospects in the Preparation Stage. During this stage, there are important planning steps you will need to work through with your clients to be sure they are financially prepared for retirement. Here are some of the major tasks you will need to work through with your clients during the Preparation Stage: Estimate income expenses Inventory all sources of expect...
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NEW! The Compass  
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Annuity Product Search and Compare  
Search and compare a variety of annuity products to find one or more... Read More
Life Lessons Webinar: IUL Crediting Strategies and Tools 06/17/15

Brokers Life is excited to present another edition of our Life Lessons series with a webinar on using IUL crediting strategies to craft a strong life policy for your clients’ ...

BLMG Life Lessons webinar: Positioning survivorship life insurance 07/22/15

Brokers Life presents a new Life Lessons webinar on the benefits of survivorship life insurance. Join our program and learn how insuring two lives under one policy can provid...