Leverage the Power of Online Video: Presentation
So far in our series on online video marketing we've looked at the effectiveness of online video in today's marketplace and scripting tips for crafting an effective client message. In this part, we'll examine some presentation types for delivering your message. With video, there are countless ways to get creative and turn what may be considered a "dull" topic into an engaging or even entertaining one. Your scope will only...
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Stay active on social media with these post ideas
To get the most out of your company social media accounts you have to post regularly. By posting regularly, you can show clients and prospects who find your business on social media that you are committed to providing helpful information, starting conversations and building relationships. It can be hard to take the time and creativity to post regularly, especially if you don't have a staff member dedicated to social media...
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Leverage the power of online video: Content
As we outlined in an earlier blog post, the rise of online video has shifted the way consumers view and engage with marketing content. As a result, today's consumer has come to expect more than text and static images in communications. In part two of this series, we'll focus on content suggestions that can help you tell your story. For the financial and insurance professional, online marketing videos can be effecti...
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Kick start your 2015 social media efforts
This can be your year for social media. As you develop your company initiatives and marketing strategies for 2015, make sure a commitment to social media is one of your goals. Whether you post helpful articles on retirement strategies, remind clients of special events at your office or share photos of your latest community service project, every interaction on social media can help you build relationships with clients and...
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Annuity Product Search and Compare  
Search and compare a variety of annuity products to find one or more... Read More
Annuity New Business Form  
You can easily download the most current new business forms, when you... Read More
Webinar: Annuity Sales Solutions for the Changing Environment 03/10/15

Do annuity product changes have your head spinning? Let Brokers International help. In just 15 minutes, this webinar will teach you seven simple annuity sales solutions to hel...

Paychecks and Playchecks: Retirement Solutions for Life 03/19/15

To give you the tools to start optimizing your clients’ retirement years, you’re invited to join best-selling author and speaker Tom Hegna for a special webinar presentation o...