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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Brokers International?

A: Brokers International is an insurance marketing organization (IMO), also known as a financial marketing organization (FMO). We help agencies and their financial professionals build stronger businesses and better serve their customers through tailored product, marketing, compliance, and sales support. Our partners can gain access to marketing resources for annuity and life insurance, multiple carriers and products, exclusive professional development programs, and personalized sales support.

Who does Brokers International serve?

A: We serve agencies and their independent financial professionals selling annuities, life insurance, and related financial products. We work with each of our partner agencies to craft a suite of services, tools, and products that meets their needs as a business, and we help independent agents find partner agencies that meet their needs. 

What are the benefits of being a Brokers International partner?

A: Our partners receive first-class business, marketing, operational, and compliance support to help drive more leads, convert more customers, and grow their financial services business.

What makes Brokers International different from other sources for financial marketing resources?

A: Brokers International is one of the nation’s largest and longest-standing insurance marketing organizations. Originally founded by industry legend Roger McCarty, Brokers International found a niche in growing successful agencies, making us the Original Agency Builder™. Brokers International remains an independently-owned and family-operated organization focused on meeting the needs of independent agencies and their financial professionals across the country. Brokers International is not owned, controlled, or directed by outside investors, stock markets, or holding companies. It is as fiercely independent and pioneering as its partners.

What kinds of annuities can my business sell through Brokers International?

A: Brokers International offers a robust lineup of annuities, including fixed indexed annuities, MYGAs, and SPIAs.

What kinds of life insurance can my business sell through Brokers International?

A: Brokers International offers a robust lineup of life insurance policies and our experienced sales desk can help you find the right product for your clients.

Will I work with a dedicated sales team? 

A: You will! Brokers International’s sales teams specialize in understanding our partners’ businesses, product offerings and growth goals, and can help with case design, marketing, and submitting business requirements.

Can Brokers International help me and my agents understand compliance issues?

A: Absolutely! One of the biggest hurdles for agents operating in the financial services sector is successfully navigating the world of financial regulatory compliance. Brokers International offers recurring content, virtual training, “Ask the Expert” opportunities, and more to help financial professionals learn existing and new policies at the federal and state.

Does Brokers International offer training to help me and my agents get better at marketing?

A: Yes, we do! Brokers International offers not only tips, insights, and informative articles in our Agency Builder Insights section, but we regularly host in-depth financial services webinars on various issues affecting agencies, financial professionals, and insurance and annuities business. To learn more on a regular basis and watch for the next available webinar, subscribe to Agency Builder Insights.

Can Brokers International help with contracting with carriers?

A: Certainly! Our contracting with carriers page has more details. We have instructions for first-time and experienced financial professionals to help expedite the contracting process.  

How can I submit my business to Brokers International?

A: Currently our website supports electronic submissions through the WriteNow, ExpressComplete, and i-Go e-apps, as well as via fax and mail. Brokers International is located at 4135 NW Urbandale Drive, Urbandale, IA 50322.

I am an independent financial professional. How do I get access to Brokers International's services?

A: Provide us with a little information about yourself and a member of our Sales Team will reach out to you to help match you with a partner agency that meets your needs. Once you are a part of our network, you can access marketing materials, and support tools and services through that agency.

I am an agency principal. How can Brokers International help me grow my business?

A: We’d love to help you grow with a customized suite of Brokers tools and services to help you build your business and meet your goals. Provide us with a little information about yourself, and our Sales Team will contact you to help find a marketing solution for your agency.  

I’m not affiliated with Brokers yet—can I learn more about industry topics anyway?

A: Of course! You can subscribe to our Agency Builder Insights, available to anyone interested in insurance, annuities, marketing, and more. 

Who can I call for help? 

A: You may reach out to Brokers International at 866.250.9159