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Building Business for Agencies

We know that successful agencies are focused on delivering short-term results while also working toward long-term business goals every day. As the Original Agency Builder™, Brokers International provides sustained growth through our digital tools, marketing programs, and suite of services to help our agency partners and their financial professionals efficiently build their business.

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Get Accurate Insights into Your Business

Keeping up with your downline’s production and getting a clear view of your overall organization can be difficult, if not impossible, which means it can be hard to make accurate business decisions. Business Builder, our one-of-a-kind, online platform, gives you real-time insights into your organization. Now you can see who’s performing, identify overall trends, and make intelligent business decisions to keep your organization focused and successful.

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A National Network

When you become a Brokers International agency partner, you join a collaborative network of more than 25 of the top life insurance and annuity agencies across the country who have access to Brokers International tools and services to build their business. Being a Brokers agency partner means you also gain access to a network of top agencies across the country, allowing you to connect, learn, and grow. We collaborate with our agency partners, using shared insights to identify ways to more effectively grow your business.

Connecting with Carriers

We’ve worked hard to develop long-standing relationships with our carriers, helping us connect you and your agency with a broad offering of product solutions for your clients. We offer a streamlined contracting process, customized case design, and access to hundreds of carrier products, helping your financial professionals find product options to fit your clients’ retirement goals.

Committed to Our Agencies

We work with our agency partners to find the right mix of programs and services to meet their unique needs. We’re here to help you support your financial professionals and drive sustained growth—while never competing against you. That’s what’s made us the Original Agency Builder™ since 1983.

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