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Category: Brand · 4 min read

The Benefits of Setting Way-of-Life Goals

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on April 18, 2019

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on April 18, 2019

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Without direction, how do you know where to go? Without goals, how do you stay focused on what’s most important? Creating goals helps us stay on track and improve. 

Normally, we set goals for our business, but what if we also set goals for our way of life? In addition to goals like meet with this many new clients a week, or sell a certain amount in annuity premium this year, or hire for key positions, I’m thinking of way-to-live goals. Goals that speak to your lifestyle and personal development.   

Here's something that I do that helps me professionally and personally. Every 90 days, I set three professional, way-of-life goals and three personal goals. They aren’t big, unattainable goals, but something you could realistically get done in 90 days. I keep my personal goals private and only share them with a close friend or mentor, but I share my way-of-life goals with my closest co-workers to help keep myself accountable.  

For example, say you want to spend more time with your family. Your goal might be: Be home and engaged over dinner every evening. Maybe you want to have enough confidence in your business that you can take a restorative vacation. Your goal might be: Build a business that performs without my micromanagement. Or if you’re doing 90-day goals, break the big “home for dinner every night” goal into smaller, mini-goals and take it slower. These goals will help you identify ways you can change your business life to improve your outside-of-business life. Here are three benefits to this approach to goal-setting. 

These goals will help you identify ways you can change your business life to improve your outside-of-business life.

Changes how you Work 

Setting way-of-life goals can make your work day different, especially if your goal is to have a better work-life balance. It may mean that you leave work earlier than you used to, or you turn your phone off when you get home, or you minimize the distractions at work. Choosing a goal that intentionally changes how you work can help you be more productive with your time or help you be more conscious about your daily schedule.  

Think about it for a second: we tend to be creatures of habit. We develop routines and do things the same way, every day. Changing how you work disrupts your habits and routines in an effort to break through to something better. It may lead you to getting to work earlier or being more intentional with your free time at work. So, break the routine and mix up your work life to try to create positive change.   


Changes how you Grow 

Way-of-life goals can also help you grow your practice in a new way. For instance, maybe your goal is to have a profitable year, instead of hitting a specific number. Or maybe you want to be able to afford a new technology platform that will improve your day-to-day work, instead of a revenue goal. Or maybe it’s help one person a day, instead of acquire 100 new clients. The goal to grow is the same, but it’s positioned in a new way that helps your mind think about it differently. Sometimes, it’s all about your perspective, and way-of-life growth goals can help change your daily perspective to help you hit your metrics.  


Changes how you Shape Your Office Culture 

Setting way-of-life goals doesn’t stop with you. It also affects the rest of your office, and can set the tone for your employees’ goals, too. So, share your way-of-life goals with them, and encourage them to do the same thing themselves. At the same time, ask your employees to hold you accountable to these goals. Encourage them to talk to you about them and see how you’re doing. This is a goal mindset change, and it can affect the entire office culture for the better.  

As I mentioned earlier, every 90 days I set way-of-life and personal goals. I’d encourage you to do the same, and choose some goals you could accomplish in 90 days. I think you’ll be surprised at how impactful they can be in the long run.  


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