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Category: Brand · 5 min read

The Powerful Impact of Video Marketing

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on January 15, 2019

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on January 15, 2019

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Video is the king of content. And it makes sense why: videos show people who you are, they convey personality and confidence, and they’re more entertaining and engaging than most ads and other forms of content. They can also have a positive impact on your efforts to grow your business and bring in new clients.  

Let’s look at the facts:  

All of these show the need for marketing videos and a plan in place to create your own. But how?  


Pitch Yourself  

Before we dive any deeper, let’s talk about what to put in your video. What do you talk about? What makes a good video? What’s the purpose?  

Most importantly, it should be about you. Explain who you are, what services you offer, and promote your business. Think of this as an introduction to your business, telling potential clients how you may help them. You also want to include what makes you different from your competition. How do you stand out from everyone else? Why should someone choose to do business with you, instead of someone else? Find a key differentiator that sets you apart, and then promote it in the video.  


Keep Them Short 

Everyone is scrolling. We’re breezing through our social media feeds, stopping occasionally to watch or read certain posts. But we only stop if it’s someone we recognize or something that immediately piques our interest. When we do stop, we skim, because our attention spans are seconds long. That’s why videos two minutes or less get the most engagement.5 We will only focus on something for so long before we move on to the next post.  

With that in mind, make sure you keep the videos you create as short as they can be. Don’t cut the video so much that it doesn’t make sense anymore, but keep in mind that the shorter it is, the more likely your viewers will sit through the entire thing.  


Post It 

Once you have the video created and ready to share, post it on social media. Focus on Facebook, because research shows that it’s the most impactful social media channel, and 8.4 times more impactful than any other social channel.4  

If you have the budget, it may even be beneficial to “promote” the video post, so that it shows up in more people’s feeds (even people that don’t follow or like your social media page). And you don’t have to post it once and never post it again. Wait a while, post about some other topics or services, and then re-post the video with a new caption above it. This keeps your video relevant and keeps you in front of your clients and prospects.  


Put it on Your Website 

To give your video an even longer shelf life than a couple social media posts, have it visible on your website. Studies show that videos on a website lead to people spending 2.6 times more on each page.6 So, put it on a page of your website where you want people to spend a lot of time. Maybe it’s the home page, the page explaining your services, or your about page. Wherever you choose to place it, it should be in a logical place that’s easy to see it and play it.  


Explain Complex Topics 

Financial services and products aren’t simple things. They can be complicated for clients to understand, so break it down in simple language that everyone can understand. Make the complex uncomplicated and easy. Topics could focus on annuities, life insurance, retirement plans, etc. At the end of each video, include a call-out to your business, and how you may help them with said topic.  


Consider our Take One Video Shoot Service 

All this has no purpose if you don’t have the resources to create videos. That’s where our video production service can help. Our Take One Video Shoot puts you in front of the camera, delivering polished, personalized videos that are perfect for a host of marketing channels, including your website, social media, and email campaigns. You can put these tips to good use and save time and hassle of creating the video on your own. We create the video for you, and you simply share it with your prospects and clients. It’s that easy. 

Videos are harder and more time-consuming to create than other marketing efforts, but the benefits can make it all worth it. Try it out for yourself, and see the impact it can make on your business.  



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