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Category: Digital · 8 min read

Five Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Today

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on September 4, 2018

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on September 4, 2018

Agent Updating Their LinkedIn Profile

Are you using LinkedIn? Have you ever wondered if you could drive more leads by improving your LinkedIn profile? There’s a strong chance you could. A good profile page on the world’s largest business social network can make all the difference between “having” social media and “owning” social media.

LinkedIn is, after all, fertile ground for financial professionals to prospect for customers.

While the primary focus of the network is to serve as a hub for business people looking to connect with other business people, those people can meet the criteria of the average annuity and life insurance investor far better than users of other networks. LinkedIn has 675 million total users, with more than 167 million of them based in the U.S.1, and around 47 percent of those users log in to the site monthly.

LinkedIn is fertile ground for financial professionals to prospect for customers.

Pew Internet agrees with the perspective. According to its 2018 report on social networks, “LinkedIn remains especially popular among college graduates and those in high-income households. Some 50 percent of Americans with a college degree use LinkedIn, compared with just nine percent of those with a high school diploma or less.”2 If that wasn’t convincing enough, Omnicore’s data concluded that 41 percent of millionaires use LinkedIn.1


How to Improve a LinkedIn Profile for Your Business

LinkedIn not only has business-oriented users—it can also be used as a business-building tool. Its premium features include Saved Searches and a lightweight customer relationship management (CRM) solution that allows you to save communications with, and notes about, a given person or prospect as your conversation evolves. When you engage someone about indexed universal life insurance or a fixed-index annuity, for example, they may click through and see your profile. A compelling LinkedIn profile can be the key to keeping that prospect engaged and moving them closer to a sale.
Here are five ways to improve your LinkedIn profile right now that will keep potential customers coming back for more:


1. Write a Compelling Headline

You’ve heard the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” right? Your LinkedIn headline is your first impression. It’s the first thing a prospect sees if they find you on the network. Crafting something that explains what you do in a catchy and memorable way can be an effective way to invite people to learn more about you.

Even LinkedIn says, “Your LinkedIn profile headline is your digital salutation.” Look at how these financial professionals describe themselves:

LinkedIn Headline Example


The headlines all say “Insurance Agent” or “Insurance Agent at X Agency.” They’re straightforward, but definitely not catchy.

Imagine your name and profile came up in that search with a headline that read, “Helping people protect their families and investments every day.” You would stand out among the crowd and likely get a few more clicks than the average “Insurance Agent.”


2. Write a Summary that Sells Your Skills, Not Your Past

Think of your profile summary as your digital elevator pitch. You have three to four paragraphs to explain to a potential customer why you are more qualified to help them than anyone else. Make your summary persuasive, forward-thinking, strong, confident and definitive.

The CEO of Brokers International, Mark Williams, has a compelling summary:

Mark Williams LinkedIn Summary

Mark’s summary doesn’t just tell you what he does—it shows why he stands out in the industry. It references his past work, but only to illustrate how his experience can help you today. By finishing with what he is focused on now – the future of the insurance industry – Mark’s summary gives you a clear understanding of what you’ll get from him if you reach out for a partnership.


3. Keep Your Experience Relevant

Probably the easiest step you can take to improve your LinkedIn profile is to edit down your experience to only display past jobs that are relevant to what you’re currently doing. A prospective client or business partner isn’t interested in the fact that you interned at Disney in college or delivered pizza in high school. However, experience in the financial industry, even through retail sales, has a direct connection to your understanding of consumers, money, finance and business.

Of course, exercising good judgement here is key. You don’t want to dismiss four to five years of experience in a different industry if you’ve made a career switch. But your prospects want to know you can make good recommendations about financial decisions, resource planning, and insurance solutions to fit their needs. Make sure that’s what your experience shows.


4. Get Recommendations by Giving Them

LinkedIn recommendations are the Yelp reviews of professional reputations—but you get to control them. To improve your LinkedIn profile, collect reviews from previous business partners, colleagues, clients and employers. But how?

It’s simple: give recommendations to those you hope to receive recommendations from. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to collect a library of rave reviews from previous colleagues by providing the same for them.

LinkedIn Recommendation Sample


5. Be Active and Share

The single best way to enhance your LinkedIn profile is to actually use LinkedIn. By sharing content, like interesting articles you find, or even writing content, like general advice about planning for the future, you give your LinkedIn audience consistent reasons to believe you are a credible resource for information. Credibility breeds confidence, and confidence draws in customers.

If you put in the effort to interact with others and contribute to the content there, you’ll see more interest in your optimized LinkedIn profile, and ultimately, drive more leads.

So, find an article or two per week about the latest in retirement strategies, practical advice on how to save money for a rainy day, or tips for dealing with debt, and share them on your LinkedIn page. You can even go an extra step and write your own article and post it on LinkedIn directly. You’ll get neat analytics with each of your own articles, including the names and profile links of who clicked on the article and read it.

Even better—because it fuels additional features on your profile—upload two or three of your sales or informational presentations to SlideShare. This service is owned by LinkedIn and allows you to publicly display presentations on your LinkedIn profile, boosting your expertise and offering value to your audience.


You Have to Work to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Like many other resources you can use to grow your business, the more you put into LinkedIn, the more you’ll get out of it.

If you put in the effort to interact with others and contribute to the content there, you’ll see more interest in your optimized LinkedIn profile, and ultimately, drive more leads.


Learn More About Social Media for Your Business

Brokers International can help you understand how to improve your social media presence and use social networks in a compliant fashion. Learn more about our Digital Builder, where we cover social media marketing and many other digital tools for building your business. Contact the experienced staff at Brokers International today or fill out our form to learn how to access Digital Builder and our other tools and services.



1. LinkedIn Statistics – Omnicore Agency –
2. Pew Internet – Social Media Report – 2018 -


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