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Category: Loyalty · 4 min read

3 Ways to Keep Your Downline Engaged and Happy

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on August 29, 2019

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on August 29, 2019

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Hey agency principals, this one’s for you.  

I want to talk to you about your downline. They’re most likely your top priority. But how happy are they? Are they a big fan of yours right now? Do you know? 

Sometimes, it can be hard to gauge your partners’ level of engagement until they complain or reveal that they’re unhappy. But I want to offer some words of encouragement and help you keep your financial professionals’ happiness and satisfaction up.  

Here are three things I’ve learned over the years to improve your relationships with your downline. I hope this does the trick!   


Keep Your Services Fresh and Growing 

This might be the biggest and most effective way to keep your downline engaged with you and keep them loyal. Continuing to improve your current services and adding new services shows that you are committed to the success of your financial professionals.  

So, when was the last time you offered a new feature or service to your downline? When was the last time you made their lives easier? I want to encourage you to provide more for your downline. Show them that you’re working to improve your services and improve their business. Even adding one product or service, such as seminar opportunities, an estate planning tool, or annuity product finder software, can make your partnership even more valuable than it was yesterday.  


Keep the Communication Lines Open 

As you level up your services, you may also want do the same for your communications. One of the main ways to keep your downline engaged is to talk with them. Send them emails, give them a call, visit them, whatever it takes to keep in touch and see how they’re doing.  

The important thing here is that they know that they can call you with whatever they need, and you’ll follow through. Ultimately, you’re there to support them, and sometimes that requires a lot of communication. So, let them know that you’re available and you want to help them. Keep that communication line open whenever they need you.  

At the same time, you should also make sure that they’re some of the first people to know about any updates. Don’t keep them in the dark. Let them know what’s going on, when it happens, and they’ll appreciate you for it. For more tips on how to do this well, read our piece on communicating news well.  


Keep the Appreciation Appreciating  

Speaking of appreciation, when was the last time you showed your downline that you appreciate them? Whether it’s an email, a letter, or a phone call, telling them that you’re thankful for them and their loyalty can make a significant difference in how they view you.  

Think about the last time one of your business partners did something nice for you. Maybe they brought in a meal or a gift. How did it feel? How did it change what you thought of them? The same can be true for your downline. Showing them that you appreciate them can make a positive impact. 

And what you do to show your appreciation can vary. Maybe you decide to throw an appreciation event, or start a friendly, internal competition. Or maybe you want to send them a small gift or cater a meal. The overall goal is to convey the fact that you’re grateful for them.  

Whether it’s an email, a letter, or a phone call, telling them that you’re thankful for them and their loyalty can make a significant difference in how they view you.

Your downline wants to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. They want to know that you truly care about them, and are dedicated to helping them. So, focus on that. Be there for them, keep offering them more value-adds to help improve their business, and show you value them.  



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Written By

Mark Williams

President and CEO

Mark Williams is the President/CEO of Brokers International. Over his more than 25 years of financial services experience, Mark has been both a producing independent agent in the field and a home office leader consulting to agencies and field marketing organizations. Currently, Mark is focused on the future of the insurance industry, from the disruptions of InsurTech and robo-advisors to the changing demographics and needs of customers. He also is an avid mentor, helping financial professionals navigate the industry.

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