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Category: Loyalty · 4 min read

5 Creative Ways to Thank Your Clients

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on November 27, 2018

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on November 27, 2018

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Let’s be honest: no one needs another branded stress ball or calendar magnet, even if they won’t say it. Plus, to stay on the right side of regulators, you’re not able to send certain types of gifts to clients, like cash, gift cards, or lottery tickets.  

This poses a problem: what should (or can) you send them? You still want to thank them for their business, right? Instead, switch it up and get creative by using these five ways to thank your clients.  


1. Send Notes 

You probably remember a world without texting, cell phones, internet, and email. How did we communicate? Through notes and letters, sent through snail-mail. Today, perhaps because our communications are sent and received in seconds, a personalized note can make all the difference. An easy, but effective way to thank your clients is through a hand-written thank you note, showing them that you appreciate their business and the opportunity to help them.  

Then, a few months later, follow up with another note, checking in on your clients and asking if they have any questions or need anything else. Why? Because it can help with your client retention. A survey conducted by Brett Van Bortel of Invesco Consulting found that financial professionals who communicated with their top clients at least four times per year didn’t lose any clients.1 Personalized communications, especially notes, can improve your client relationships and keep you top of mind.  

Financial professionals who communicated with their top clients at least four times per year didn’t lose any clients.

2. Host a Client Appreciation Event 

Do you show your clients that you appreciate them and their business? You should. Throwing a client appreciation event can be a great way to tell your clients that you value them, and can be another way to build on your existing relationships. 

An appreciation event doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. Host a happy hour at a local restaurant, rent a space and provide drinks and snacks, rent out a movie showing, etc. Whatever you choose to do, make it all about your clients. They deserve it. After all, they’re the reason you can do what you love.  

Before you plan an event, check what your state laws are on what is (and isn’t) acceptable.  


3. Donate to a Charity in Their Name 

This one may not be as common or well-known, but donating to a charity in your client’s name can be just as effective, and shows that you give back to the community. You can even take it a step further and take the time to find out what charities your clients support, and then donate to those charities. To do this, ask them in person, or send out a brief survey.  

Keep in mind, before you donate, what your state’s laws are on giving to a client’s charity. This can vary by state, so check with your state regulations if you aren’t sure.  


4. Celebrate Their Milestones 

Be a date freak. Remember, write down, and store in a safe place your clients’ important life event dates. I’m talking about their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or any other key milestones in their lives. Then, when the day comes, reach out to them and congratulate/celebrate with them. This can be a phone call, an email, or a card, and it lets them know you care about them.  

For your clients that you know fairly well, take it a step further. Call their spouse and ask for a handful of their friends’ names and numbers, and invite them all to a birthday lunch for your client (again, keep in mind your state’s laws on providing food). Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to celebrating or appreciating your clients.  


5. Support Their Goals 

Sometimes the best way to say thanks is to return the favor and support their business or goals, too. This could look like buying from their business, mentioning them on social media, or sending certain referrals their way. Is there a better way to say thank you than contributing to your clients’ success? 


Think Outside the Box 

Thanking your clients doesn’t have to be difficult, grand, or cliché. It doesn’t have to be a small gift, and it shouldn’t be if you want to make sure you’re staying compliant. Instead, your thank you should be unique and meaningful, so your clients will not only be pleased, but also impressed with your level of service and thoughtfulness. This builds loyalty, and can keep them coming back to you when future needs arise. 

Your thank you should be unique and meaningful, so your clients will not only be pleased, but also impressed with your level of service and thoughtfulness.

For more ways to build your clients’ loyalty, check out our Loyalty Builder services or contact us today.  



1. Prince, Russ Alan & Bortel, Brett Van. “Ways to Retain Top Clients Before They Leave.” Financial Advisor. 02 Jan. 2018.  


For Financial Professional use only, not for use with the general public. #18-0782-100519

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