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Category: Loyalty · 5 min read

6 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Business

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on June 4, 2019

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on June 4, 2019

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Managing a business is no easy task. There’s a lot to do on a daily basis, like paperwork, customer service, sales initiatives, marketing efforts, and administrative tasks, to name a few. It can get overwhelming if you’re not careful.  

So, how do you keep it under control? How do you effectively manage your business and stay focused, without sacrificing anything? Here are a few ideas to help get you on the right path.  


1. Create a Clear Vision and Strategy 

This one may be more important than you realize. A clear vision and strategy can motivate yourself and keep you grounded. And it gives you something to continue to work towards. 

Think about it. Your vision is what you see, what you’re focused on. When your vision is clear, you’re dialed in on what you need to accomplish. And when you have a strategy in place, you can use it as your guide. It’s there to put some rules and meaning behind everything you do, and ensure that what you’re working on aligns to the greater purpose of your overall business growth.  

Simon Sinek says it this way: “Those who know WHAT they do tend to work harder. Those who know WHY tend to work smarter.” The point is that preparation and strategy are just as important as your execution. 

How’s your vision and strategy? If they’re unclear, take the time to map out what they should be. That might mean writing a mission statement, writing out your strategy, or envisioning where you want your business to be in five years, and then printing it out or writing it somewhere you can easily view it and come back to it.  

“Those who know WHAT they do tend to work harder. Those who know WHY tend to work smarter.” The point is that preparation and strategy are just as important as your execution. 

2. Make Strong Decisions 

Having to make challenging and big business decisions every day can be difficult and tiring. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you regret it. But don’t give up. Instead, learn from your mistakes, and strive to make strong and sound decisions that set you up for success.  

Making decisions may be tiring, but being decisive and coming to a clear decision can help you keep your business running efficiently. Indecisiveness is not your friend, and can lead to a lack of trust. In fact, not making a decision is a decision, too. Eventually, the situation will resolve itself and the choice will be taken out of your hands, either decided by someone else, or fallen off the radar entirely. So, give yourself a time limit, use the time to consider and evaluate and seek advice, and then move forward confidently with your decision. 


3. Be Productive and Results-Oriented 

Getting distracted and pulled away from your necessary tasks can happen all too often. It’s important to stay focused and productive throughout the day, even if that means getting another cup of coffee. To avoid getting sidetracked, consider blocking time on your calendar for specific tasks and setting a daily schedule. Getting into those two habits can help you manage your time and boost your productivity.  

Sometimes, your to-do list can seem overwhelming. If that happens, don’t stress. Instead, try breaking up the work into mini-goals, and chip away at them little by little. It may even help to work on things in 30-minute chunks, where you’re taking breaks in-between.  

At the same time, you want your productivity and work to be focused on getting results. In other words, whatever you work on, make sure its goal is to help you get the business results you want.  


4. Watch Your Calendar 

How does your calendar look these days? Is it packed full, or do you have some empty time slots? It’s best to have a balance. Client meetings are essential and should be all over your schedule, but it’s also important to make sure you have time to get your other necessary tasks accomplished. In order to keep successfully managing your business, you have to set aside intentional time on your calendar. Again, this may mean you have some set times on your calendar that are blocked off to keep you productive and focused.  

One way to pull this off is to front-load the beginning of your week with meetings, and then have intentional time blocked later in the week for your productive work time. Whatever you do, the important part is to not overcommit your calendar.  


5. Automate When you Can 

If you aren’t using automation, it may be time to consider how it could help your processes. Automation is what it sounds like: it automates certain steps, processes, and communications for you to help save you time. For instance, automated responses and email campaigns can help keep your clients engaged, and can free you up from your everyday tasks. Got a new prospect? Send them automated emails that explain who you are and how you can help them. Want to spend less time responding? Set up quick-reply texts or emails through artificial intelligence and automated responses. Don’t want to do the same task 20 times in a row? Use software that can handle high-volume, repeatable tasks, and it can do the work for you.  

Automation programs can also provide new ways to nurture your existing clients and help boost sales by regular and personalized communications. Programs like Salesforce, Act-On, and Constant Contact can provide these automation tools, and even Outlook and Gmail let you send emails at a specific time and date. 

Utilizing automation can allow you to manage many of your business functions easily, giving you time back to focus on other key business initiatives.   


6. Work on You 

Perhaps the most important way you can manage your business is to manage yourself. Sometimes, you need to focus on your well-being and ensure that you’re in the right headspace to keep running your business effectively. This may mean taking time off, taking lunches, or taking regular mental breaks throughout the day. Or, maybe it means you schedule time to grow your knowledge and skills by reading a new book, watching training videos, or going to an industry event or conference.  

Plus, a new study revealed that a lack of sleep (meaning only getting four or five hours of sleep) can reduce work productivity.1 So, get a good night’s sleep. It can have a big impact on your work. 

Bottom line: Your business can only be as effective as you are, so don’t forget about developing yourself.  

Sometimes, you need to focus on your well-being and ensure that you’re in the right headspace to keep running your business effectively.

Your work is hard. It’s not always easy managing a business, but, at the end of the day, it’s worth it. You’re making a big difference in the lives of your clients, whether you see it or not. You’re already effective and making an impact, but these tips can grow your effectiveness that much further.  



1. Fast Company. “How a small amount of sleep deprivation can ruin your concentration.” May 4, 2019. 


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