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Category: Loyalty · 4 min read

Sell on Value, Not Product

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on March 26, 2019

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on March 26, 2019

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You are unique. Did you know that? 

No one is quite like you. Sure, there are other financial professionals selling similar products, but they aren’t you. They don’t do exactly what you do.  

That’s why you provide unique value to your clients. They buy products because of YOU, not because of your products (well, okay, maybe a bit because the products are great, too). So, sell that way. Sell your experience and your unique self, instead of relying on just your products. Here’s how: 


Help Clients see the Big Retirement Picture 

Imagine for a moment that you’re rowing a boat. Sometimes, it can be easy to keep your focus on only the boat. But then, if you look around, you see that the boat is floating on a vast sea, and the vast sea is nestled in the middle of a large continent. The boat is a small part of the bigger picture. The same is true with your clients. They might be focused on a single product or aspect of their retirement, because they might have come in knowing that they wanted life insurance or an annuity. Instead, help them see beyond the single product view and show them how it can impact their overall retirement goals. Help them see the larger, holistic plan, where all the pieces fit together to provide them with an effective strategy.  


Use the Human Connection 

If someone wants to go buy life insurance online without human interaction, they can. That’s entirely possible now. But those who don’t go the robo-advisor route come to you for a reason. They come to you for guidance, insight, and that human connection. That’s your unique value. 

So, use that. Establish a real, friendship-like connection and get to know your clients. Ask them personal questions that don’t have to do with a retirement strategy to break down any potentials barriers and help them feel more relaxed around you. Make it worth their while to talk to another human about their retirement situation.  

They come to you for guidance, insight, and that human connection. That’s your unique value. 

Then, after you’ve met with them, continue to provide that human touch. Send them personal, customized emails. Write them a letter. Give them a call. Follow up and stay in touch in a friendly, personal way.  


Focus on the Experience 

When was the last time you had a great experience? I’m talking like when you walked into a store or a restaurant and were treated like royalty and not like an annoyance. I often think of Nordstrom stores, who are known for their customer service and experience. When you walk in, you basically get your own person. If you’re in a hurry, the salesperson follows you and can hold your items, help you find what you’re looking for, and even ring up your purchases at the end. If you’re there to shop for a while, Nordstrom has personal shoppers that can select clothes that they think might work for you and let you know of new items or clothes from your favorite styles or brands. Ultimately, they go out of their way to provide you with the best experience possible. 

Do you do that for your clients? To enhance your own practice’s customer experience, think of a prospect’s journey to become one of your clients. What are the key steps and milestones they take? Maybe it’s an initial meeting, and then the follow up, and then another meeting, then the presentation, and then the deal is done. How can you enhance that process to make your service even better?  

This is where things like automation or templated emails can come in handy. Whatever you decide to do here, keep this question in the back of your mind: Are there things you can do or steps you can take to make the experience better for your prospects? At the end of the day, you provide your prospects and clients a unique experience that they can’t get online. How can you make it worth their effort? 

Are there things you can do or steps you can take to make the experience better for your prospects?

You may not realize the unique value that you can provide your clients. It’s more than just selling someone products. It’s about helping people achieve their retirement goals, and giving them an experience where they feel valued and important. If you do that, it may be the start of a long-lasting relationship, and you can gain a client for life.  

For more ways to improve your sales and client loyalty, check out our Sales Builder and Loyalty Builder services. 


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