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Change the way you do business. Get real-time visibility of your business in one place with Business Builder—exclusively available through Brokers International.

Whether you’re an agency principal or an independent financial professional, Business Builder is your one-stop shop, with easy-to-use reports that give you a clear and up-to-date look into your business. 

For Agency Partners:

Making important business decisions doesn’t have to be hard. Business Builder, the industry’s only platform fueled by real-time insights and equipped with an analytics engine, gives you an accurate snapshot into your organization.
With Business Builder, you can easily manage your downline, see who’s performing, and get instant access to real-time data, to help you make intelligent business decisions. You can also:

  • View organizational data
  • Track top producers
  • View most popular products
  • Track the status of submitted policies
  • Monitor how long it takes business to issue
  • See pending requirements
  • See trends for multiple carriers

For Financial Professionals:

Looking up the status of your policies, one at a time, can be tedious and time-consuming. Business Builder, our unique online tool, lets you see your production and policies (submitted and issued), in one place, with real-time insights to help you grow your business.
Provide better customer service for your clients, with these capabilities:

  • Track submitted and pending business
  • View pending requirements and policy details
  • See trends for multiple carriers
  • Understand how long it takes policies to issue, by carrier
  • Stay in touch with clients by viewing upcoming contract anniversaries
  • Access reports that are simple to read and easy to understand
  • View data over specified time periods to identify trends and potential opportunities
  • Identify potential delays to help get paid faster

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