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We know that sales are at the core of your business. That’s why we created Sales Builder: an array of services and tools to help you guide your clients, stay informed, write business faster, and build your business. It’s all a part of our Builder Suite of services.

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Pare down the paperwork and speed up the process of writing business with our easy-to-use electronic application platforms: i-Go, WriteNow, and ExpressComplete. Applications submitted through WriteNow can issue up to seven days faster than a traditional paper application, saving time for you and your clients. For agency principals, our electronic application platforms are powerful tools for increasing efficiency and supporting your overall business goals.

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Sales Support Team

Working with Brokers International gives you access to a team of people who will help you find the most appropriate options for your customers’ long-term goals. Our sales support services include customized case design, underwriting expertise, advanced markets assistance, and AnnuitySpecs to help you search and compare annuity products anytime, day or night.

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Sales Support Tools

Find the products you need, enhance your client presentations, and strengthen client relationships with our sales support tools. Create engaging visual presentations with our Retirement Analyzer Pro and search for products anytime using AnnuitySpecs and InsMark search engines.

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Annuities Genius

Compare thousands of annuity products from 56 carriers, with just a single click. That’s the power of Annuities Genius, an innovative sales tool that helps you easily close more business. Annuities Genius saves you time and effort by quickly showing several annuity products that fit your clients’ specific needs in a highly searchable, easy-to-use database. This means you spend less time finding information and more time growing your business.

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Advanced Case Design

The annuity and life insurance product landscape is vast. How do you know you are finding the optimal products for your customers’ financial needs? That’s where we come in. Our experienced team members have the industry insights, carrier relationships, and in-depth, across-the-board product knowledge to help you find the best solutions for your customers. Think of us as your team’s personal search engine.

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Submit Business

We offer a variety of ways to submit your annuity and life insurance business so you can work in the way that’s most convenient for you. Whether you’re submitting through fax, email, mail (we even provide prepaid overnight mailing labels), or our innovative electronic submission platforms, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Contracting with Carriers

We’ve simplified the contracting process to help you get contracted faster with the carriers you wish to represent. You don’t even need to send us your insurance license—just send in the completed packet, your E&O, and a voided check, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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The best agencies and financial professionals never stop learning. Our webinars offer the insights, information, strategies, and tips you need to help you stay current and keep building your business.

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WOMAN Program

Women’s Mentoring Agent Network

A mainstay in the industry for more than 15 years, Women’s Mentoring Agent Network (WOMAN) is a resource for women that encourages idea-sharing and best business practices between financial professionals through live events and webinars. The WOMAN Program is also dedicated to helping all financial professionals better market to female clients and prospects.

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