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Sales Support Tools

Enhance your client relationships, create engaging presentations, and drive sustained growth with our Sales Support Tools. Whether you need to help clients visualize their retirement solutions more clearly or search products after hours, our Sales Support Tools offer a variety of ways to streamline and strengthen your sales process. 

Retirement Analyzer Pro

Retirement can seem intimidating to clients as they plan for their futures. Retirement Analyzer Pro helps simplify the complex, presenting solutions and options in a clear, simple, and compelling way. This tool provides easy-to-understand summaries to help your clients see their current retirement status and the steps needed to meet their retirement goals.

Retirement Analyzer Pro can:
• Generate at-a-glance retirement plans 
• Identify retirement gaps 
• Keep you compliant with fiduciary standards

An $800 value, Retirement Analyzer Pro is available at no cost to financial professionals who are contracted with one of our agency partners.


Annuity sales isn’t a nine-to-five job. For the times when you need to check product options on nights and weekends, there’s AnnuitySpecs. Search for and compare products when it’s most convenient for you. AnnuitySpecs can support your agency’s daily business with:

  • Product specifications in clear terms for quick assessment
  • Side-by-side product comparisons for competitive analysis
  • Advanced search tools with the ability to save your searches for quick access
  • Real-time product rate comparisons

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